Monday, February 26, 2007

Mommy gave us a haircut!

Its that time of year again and Mommy couldn't stand it any longer, so she gave us a haircut! Bubby wouldn't sit still so she cut one ear shorter than the other and he looks kind of funny! Hehehe....she still loves us anyway even though her grooming skills are lacking!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone

We know we are late! Ha we tried to tell mommy, but she has had a bit of a rough time, anyway here is our picture.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who turned out the lights???

Ok! Mommy made me wear this silly santa hat for our Christmas pictures! Ummmm...its a lil big ya think? I couldn't see anything, but I sure heard her laughing! Geez I thought she was going to hurt herself she was laughing so hard! Don't let the pic fool ya, I may not be able to see anything, but I could smell those peanutbutter treats, hehe! I was soo glad when she took that thing off of me! And come to think of it, I even heard Bubby laughing! Shame on him. Mommy still giggles everytime she sees this picture. What does a girl do to save her pride?

Loook! I am a Coverboy!

This is the picture that is on the cover of the very first SmallDogForum Calendar! Its me! Its me! Hehe I always knew I was handsome because mommy tells me I am all the time! But WOW to be on the cover of a calendar! I am soo honored! Mommy was so happy that she cried! The calendar is so cool and the best part is that part of the proceeds go to help animals that need good homes. I want to thank Auntie Anja for choosing me for the cover of her calendar! A million kisses to you Auntie Anja! Love, Cody

Mommy wants to thank Auntie Anja....

Mommy just wanted to take a moment and thank our Auntie Anja for everything that she does! She put this pretty design on our blog! Mommy is just thrilled with it! She says Auntie Anja has magic in her fingers and she does so many nice things for us! She makes us siggys and all kinds of things on the forum that mommy is always on talking about us. Its called SmallDogForum. She says she wouldn't know what she would do without Anja. So here is a rainbow for you Auntie Anja! Thank you for all that you do and we love you!!!

Its a Dogs life!

This is what we do on most days, haha! Just lay around and sleep or chew on bones! Well, that is what I do, Sissy on the other hand, she likes to run and play and terrorize Sable. She never sits still for long. Don't tell mom, but it really gets on my nerves! Sometimes she will get up beside me and lay down to take a nap.

Toasty Paws!

Its Winter time in Missouri! Mommy took this pic after we came in from playing in the snow! Cody was hogging the heatvent all to himself!
I was waiting patiently as you can see and Sable was wondering why Bubby was on her heatvent! I sure love to play in the snow! Bubby don't much care for it, it bothers him since he has back trouble now. But he is doing good with that. Mommy has to carry him up the stairs. I am a big girl and can climb the stairs all by myself!

Merry Christmas!!

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We know that we are late with this, but better late than never! Did Santa bring you lots of goodies? We got lots of fun stuff! We both got an egg baby each. I got a turtle and sissy got a duck, we also got some big mean kitties! and lots and lots of yummy treats~Peanut butter cookies and greenie biscuits and some others too. Oh and an octopus too. Sissy thinks all the toys are hers. but Mommy told her they weren't. We also got some more booda velvet bones. Those are our favorite! Mommy said we were good babies this year. Well, I know I was, but don't know about sissy hehehe. We love all of our new stuff and oh we also got T-shirts from Auntie Anja with matching leashes with our names on them!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Look what we got from Auntie Anja & Baily!

Thank you sooo much Auntie Anja & Baily! We LOVE our personalized T Shirts and matching leashes! Mommy said she can't wait to show us off in our new duds! And she loves our leashes, we even heard her say that they would be perfect to use when we go to the vet!! Oh how we dislike that word! And our shirts fit perfectly! We love them alot!! We love you!! Cody & Alaska

Mommy would like to apologize!!

Mommy needs to apologize for being so slack with our blog!! She hasn't posted anything since I (Cody here) was sick in November. She has been busy, I will give her that. Had to get ready for Santa Claus and my Uncle and Aunt came home for Christmas all the way from Florida. Rumor had it they almost brought their furkid with them, her name is Luci and she is a big furkid. But they decided that she wouldn't do so well on the long drive so they had to board her, poor thing! I really wanted to meet her too! Then mommy was sick over Christmas, then there were family problems. So please forgive her for not keeping up with everything! She told me and Alaska that her New Years Resolution was to update our blog and to keep up with it!! If she don't I will bark and bark at her and Alaska will join in and she won't have any choice will she!!! Haha!

So Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers! We Hope 2007 is your best year yet!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I had to go to the Dr today! Ughhhh

Hello fellow bloggers.....I had to go to the dr today and was not at all happy about it. Yesterday I hurt my back somehow and last night and today when I was not acting normal mommy said that dreaded word you know the one that starts with a V! I shudder when I hear it! Those people are so mean! I mean ok I was in pain but did I really have to go there? Then we get there and there are all kinds of canine buddies in there from really big to medium size! I think I was the smallest one in there! We had to wait for what seemed like forever...ha I was secretly hoping that mommy would just say forget it and go home, but oh nooo she didn't! We hung around and then we go in this room and this mean dr came in and felt me and then stuck this really cold thing on my chest and then umm what is backside is not for inspection here! Geesh I hate that thing up my butt! Then that dr takes me into another room where they took a picture of my insides! They brought me back to mommy and gave me a treat and showed us the picture of my insides. The worst is yet to come...yesss that other dreaded word...SHOT! No no no...please mommy nooooo! Boy did that hurt! But mommy promised me a greenie as soon as we got home....ha I didn't let her forget it either!! The mean dr said something about one of my vertabraes is fusing together and that I need to stay on complete and total bedrest for two weeks to let it heal. If I injure it further I could become paralyzed! Mommy cried when the dr said that! She is asking for alot of prayers for me and said that prayers will help more than anything! I am getting special treatment in light of all of this so I guess that makes up for the thing up my butt, but the shot...hmmm we will see!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween From Cody & Alaska

The Princess and the Fisherman hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! Mommy says we will get some treats, but we don't get to go around the neighborhood! We aren't real happy about that! She said they don't give yummy treats to cute little doggies! What is their problem? She said they give us stuff that will hurt us if we eat it! Hmmm, do they not like cute little doggies?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hello there! We are a couple of maltese that live in Missouri! My name is Cody and I am 5 almost 6 in a few weeks. I came to live with my new mommy when I was 4 yrs old and boy do I love it here! She takes very good care of me and spoils me rotten. I think my favorite thing is that I get to sleep with her every night! And she feeds me some really great food too! Life is great although my little sister gets on my nerves, her name is Alaska and she is a year and two months old. She can be a pest, but she has grown on me! Here are some pictures that mommy took of us...We sure hope that you enjoy our blog!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hi, I'm Alaska

Since my dear brother didn't go into detail about me, well I thought I should make a post, so here it is! My name is Alaska and he was right about my age I am a year and two months old. Some of my favorite things are playing with my toys, especially my "big mean kitty"! And I have recently learned to fetch! My mommy loves me and spoils me rotten too, she is always calling me by a nickname like "Sugarbutt" or "princess" and I wonder why she didn't name me one of these names, but oh is a picture of me and my brother taken last Valentines day. I was wearing a dress that my mommy made me. I hope you enjoy our blog and come to visit often!